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Mine to Crave


In Mine to Crave by Cynthia Eden, Drake, former special forces and current casino magnate, has a tormented soul...he has been burned by a woman before and will never fall for or trust another woman again. He'll take them to his bed, he just won't take them in his heart.

When he sees Jasmine on the floor of his casino, as she crooks her finger at him, he is more than intrigued. Saving her from someone after her, then taking her up to his suite sets off a chain of events that no one could have predicted.

Jasmine is more than the thief she appears to be...and as much as Drake doesn't want to trust her or even like her, the combustible chemistry between them can't be ignored. Even after catching her stealing from him for someone out to destroy him, he wants her. As much as Jasmine wants to distance herself from Drake, knowing the danger he is in and wanting to keep him safe, there is no way Drake is letting her get away.

Neither of them intended to fall for anyone, let alone each other...but with the chase on with the enemy and lives at stake, they might not have much time anyway. Not only is Drake in danger, but so is Jasmine. Both want to keep the other safe as not only are secrets revealed, but Drake's past comes rushing back to haunt him. Will Drake leave the one woman to touch his soul under his misguided belief that he doesn't deserve her and could never be good enough for her? Will he ache forever? When all is said and done, will either of them have a future to face?

Wow!!! Cynthia gives us a thrilling, adrenaline filled read in Mine to Crave! She keeps you on edge, you never know what's coming, and no one is what they seem! Cynthia has a great style of writing and is brilliantly able to pull the reader in for fast paced action, romance and danger.

The characters in Mine to Crave are multi-layered and just when you think you've figured them out (especially Jasmine), Cynthia throws another twist in and sucks you back under! Jasmine has a lot of secrets and is very mysterious. She is strong and independent but also has her weaknesses, which makes her all the more realistic. Drake is the man we all want! He has a dark side, is full of unknowns, and is completely alpha delicious. I could very easily see him in my minds eye as I read Mine to Crave. He gets who Jasmine is, and he wants her that way. He has no desire to changer her. She continually challenges him, but he wants her anyway. He is as protective as he is possessive.

Cynthia does a great job of slowly exposing more and more about Jasmine and Drake. There are a myriad of emotions throughout Mine to Crave with plot twists that are complex but easy to fall into. Cynthia's writing is smooth and easy to read, and she managed to keep me entranced in Drake and Jasmine's world with my heart alternating between melting and pounding.

I'd highly recommend Mine to Crave by Cynthia Eden to any romantic suspense reader who won't mind being awake for hours after finishing it because your heart is still racing!